Founder’s Elvondae “Von” Raybon from Winnfield, Louisiana and Michael Middleton Hall from Baker, Louisiana established VonMiddleton’s Catering in March 2003, which is now Pit-N-Peel Restaurant. Pit-N-Peel’s recipes can be directly linked to “Von’s” grandma, the late Jessie Lee Bryant and Michael’s mother, Lucille Middleton Hall. Though these two influences never shared a kitchen, their recipes have helped to create a new era in Southern cuisine. Whether it’s Spicy Boiled Crawfish, 10 hour Smoked Brisket , Shrimp of Baton Rouge Pasta served in a Hearty White Sauce, or their mouth-watering Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs with that famous “Come Back” Bar-B-Q Sauce, you can rest assure, it’s going to be prepared with a savory flavor only found in Louisiana. In fact, every meal prepared contains all the seafood, seasonings, fruits, and vegetables harvested from Louisiana fishermen and growers. “Von” was asked, “How do you make your meals taste so good?” His response was simply, “When I am preparing a meal, it is nurtured until pure perfection, just as my grandma did.” “Knowing Louisiana’s history and culture is being prepared in every meal, keeps our heritage alive.” In fact, VonMiddleton’s Catering allows you the opportunity to experience a living heritage. A heritage that is simply delicious. One taste and you will say, “Mmm…, Now that’s good.”